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Welcome to Module One!  Key #1:  Tranforming Internal Challenges by Clearing your Energy Field.

The first thing we do is clear your energy field of unwanted clutter. I call this clutter CMI’s or Cellular Memory Imprints.  These imprints come from a variety of sources. We have imprints we have taken on in our lifetime of experiences, imprints from other lifetimes, imprints from watching the evening news, riding the bus, going to a shopping mall.  

So, what exactly are imprints?

Imprints are our experiences stored at the cellular level.

Our joyful experiences don't get in our way.  Our painful or traumatic ones do. Imprints such as shame or guilt, if we don't know how to release them, stay with us and color our next experience.  

For example, if we feel shame about having the wrong answer in school, we may be hesitant to offer an answer the next time we are asked, and that may be compounded into holding back what we think or feel or even holding back our creative gifts for fear they will be laughed at.  

If we have a pattern of behavior that is seemingly irrational, it may have come with us on our genetic patterning from another lifetime.  Fear of drowning or fear of flying are two examples of this.  If you don't have an experience in this lifetime where you were drowning or flying, and you've always had this fear since you can remember, chances are you brought it in with you.  

The good news is you have the opportunity in this lifetime to heal it.  

As we watch the evening news, ride the bus or enter a shopping mall we are bombarded by other people's energies, belief systems, thoughts and experiences. Our energy fields overlap, and if you’re sensitive you can feel other people's energies.  It is just like walking into a room where someone just had a fight.  You can feel that.  It doesn't feel very good, and if you don't know how not to take it on or if you don't know how to clear it once you've experienced it, then these imprints stay in your field.  

Having a cluttered energy field gets in our way of connecting with the Divine.  It's like having a radio signal that can't pick up its home base because there are too many radio waves in the way.  

So, the first step to connecting to the Divine or your angels is to clear your energy field so you can be more open to connecting to your Divine guidance.  The clearer you are, the easier it is to connect and manifest and we will do this through guided meditation.  In fact, everything we do in this workshop is through guided meditation,  and we use this because it works.  It's quick, effective and intensely personal for everyone. 

The meditation may be the same delivery but everyone has their unique experience.  

So let's get started.

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FREE Preview Module 1: Clearing your Energy Field

Enjoy this FREE Preview Module 1 from Ask the Angels! Online Course! Key #1 to Unlocking Your Soul's Destiny and Living Your True Purpose is Transforming your Internal Struggles. We do this by clearing our energy fields of unwanted clutter.  Check it out here for your FREE preview.